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Around the World in 7 Gifts

Firstly, I must say that my friends are the bollox! If it wasn’t for them then todays Beer Blogging Advent post wouldn’t be happening. Being the beer geek that I … Continue reading

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How Did I Get Here?

I was reading through Martin Oates blog today (Beer is the Answer) and I read a post I had somehow missed before when it was posted. It was a post … Continue reading

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CAMRA’s Beer Knowledge by Jeff Evans

CAMRA publish some good books and the new Beer Knowledge book by Jeff Evans is the perfect stocking filler this Christmas. Packed full of interesting facts, dates, lists and more … Continue reading

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Ridgeway of Oxfordshire Imperial Red Ale 10%

I’ve not put loads of massive thought into my 12 beers of Christmas this year, I know there is 12 in my “cellar” under the stairs but I think I … Continue reading

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The Bottle Bureau Chelmsford Essex

When I was about 18 (may have even been 17… Naughty me) back in college one of my favourite pubs was The Hot House in Chelmsford. It was way before … Continue reading

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Beer O’Clock Shows Steve’s Hometown Tour of Witham

As I got out of the shower yesterday morning I noticed I had a notification on my phone saying that my mate Steve (formerly of the Beer O’Clock Show & … Continue reading

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Back to Beer52

Damn life getting in the way of a good beer! Last November I finally made the big leap into home ownership with my girlfriend, after what seemed likes years of … Continue reading

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