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I don’t really think of my self as a beer writer, I have a beer blog. Being a full time writer or being paid for work is not something I am planning. I actually have a full time job in the travel industry and I do this in my spare time (along with the voluntary Leyton Orient Supporters Club committee), this can mean that it takes me a while to write blog posts as I am so busy.

All blog posts are created by me, I only blog about things I have liked, enjoyed and think other people will also enjoy. There is enough negativity online, so I will not post blogs for negative reasons. Sometimes my blog post will include something that I have been invited to or been sent free of charge, I will disclaim at the end of each blog post. Although I do think that not paying for an event or beer will effect my opinion, I understand that readers should be able to make their own mind up regarding my blog posts.

Things I do

  • I am open to samples, but in accepting the sample I am not guaranteeing a blog post or review. If it is something that I like or if I think people will benefit from a review then I will write a blog post. If I do not like it I will reply to you with reasons why. I am also open to accepting samples with beer ordering for Leyton Orient Supporters Club in mind, I may not write a blog post about it but it may be something we would be interested in stocking
  • Explain each blog post with a disclaimer, some past blog poss prior to 26/07/2016 may not have one but I will be working on adding a disclaimer to all blog posts
  • Share samples or invites to free events with my friends. I want my friends to enjoy the same opportunities that I have whenever possible, once a month I take part in a Bottleshare, if you would like honest reviews then we are open to samples for this
  • Go secret squirrel and visit places that have not contacted me, this is how I started and the blog posts I enjoy the most
  • Take lots of photos because I am an Instagram whore! Some may be of events or of beers that I have not paid for, I am taking these photos because I love me some good beer porn not for any advertisement reasons or because I have been asked. As of 26/07/2016 I will be adding disclaimers to photos if I have not paid for the product or event
  • Take inspiration from other recipes that I see online, in books, TV or from pub convo’s
  • Allow my blog posts or photos to be used on other blogs, websites or magazines, please contact me as I would like a hardcopy/link and please credit me if you do use something of mine
  • I do have a full time job so it can be difficult to get some write ups done in set times, so please bare with me!

Things I don’t do

  • Post negative reviews or blog posts, the internet is already full of nasty things I have no desire to contribute to that
  • Accept samples with a guarantee agreement of writing a blog post about said sample
  • Copy and paste advertisement information sent to me
  • Write any content for money, I am not interested in turning this time consuming hobby into a career or to use it for any financial gain, I just want to share that good beer love
  • Use other peoples photos
  • Add advertisements links to my website for cash or commission
  • Visit a venue or event and accept free hospitality in return for a guaranteed blog post regardless of if I liked said venue or event
  • Kiss on a first date



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