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St Austell Small Batch Brews Series

Beers like Proper Job and Tribute brewed by Cornwall based family owned brewery St Austell are beers that guided me through my early years of exploring different beers. Many a … Continue reading

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How Did I Get Here?

I was reading through Martin Oates blog today (Beer is the Answer) and I read a post I had somehow missed before when it was posted. It was a post … Continue reading

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11th December Beer Blogging Advent – Tom, Ben & I

From right to left is my friends Thomas Marshall, Ben Ott and myself. This photo was taken on the day of 40FT Brewery’s 1st birthday party. 40FT have been a … Continue reading

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Popping the Bubble

If there is one thing I hope to hear less of in 2017 it would be this phrase… “The London Beer Bubble”. I’m not having a go at the people … Continue reading

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3 That’s the Magic Number

November 2nd marked the 3 year anniversary of my blog. 3 years I’ve been putting words together to make some sort of vague sense, in the hope that it might … Continue reading

November 3, 2015 · 2 Comments

#Beerbuddies – Cee from The Movement Fam, Beer & Other Shit and Certified Brewhead

It was about a year ago or so I first came across Cee on Instagram, it was the pictures of his and Brewheads collaboration that caught my eye. So we … Continue reading

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#Beerbuddies – Joan Birraire talking about the Barcelona beer Festival 2015

This week the 2015 Barcelona Beer Festival will take place and in the build up to the big start on Friday I was lucky enough to ask a few questions … Continue reading

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