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I am a beer blogger, member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, committee member at the Leyton Orient Supporters Club, CAMRA member and Sales and Marketing Manager at East London Brewing Co.


My Dad has always been a CAMRA member, from early memories of seeing a green beer at beer festivals at the Station Arms in Southminster to my Dad getting a life time CAMRA membership from his pals for his 40th birthday present, a world of different beers has surrounded me from an early age. When it came to the age that I started drinking I never had the beer fear of trying new beers, luckily my best friends and college mates also shared the same interest in trying as many different beers as possible. Drinking cask beer and Belgian beers in as many Essex pubs as possible was a regular occurrence during my college years.


I had already nagged and bugged most my friends to try new beer but it wasn’t really till my first trip to Belgium that the passion really escalated to the point that I wanted to share my experiences in the form on blogging. Whenever I travelled to a new place I always searched for new and exciting beer places to drink, but not always found what I was looking for. So, when I went on my travels I would return home and write about the beer experiences I had, in hope that others will read it and be able to have their own adventures of their own. Luckily, I worked in the travel industry at the time and it gave me the opportunity to explore some places with work that I would have not have had the chance on my own, from looking into the new and exciting French beer scene in Bordeaux, visiting the many great brewpubs and beer bars in Barcelona and discovering the secret Lithuanian beer culture in Vilnius. My blog became a way for me to vent my passion.

Throughout these years I was also watching Leyton Orient up and down the country, Leyton Orient was never a choice growing up but getting older watching Orient has meant I was educated on beer in the Leyton Orient Supporters Club and I’ve always enjoyed different cask ale from all over the country as every match day is like a beer festival. After nearly a decade of drinking in the Supporters Club pre and post-match I decided to accept an invitation to join the voluntary committee in 2013. First starting the social media, then working behind the bar on a match day, beer ordering then on to running the ale evening events. Over the years we have put on great festivals and meet the brewer evenings with breweries such as Signature Brew, Marble, Brew Buddies, 40FT, Solvay Society. Pig & Porter and Elusive Brewing.


During the first 4 years of blogging I was lucky enough to be invited to many amazing places, the Czech Republic with Pilsner Urquel, Belgium with Beer & Food Magazine, Bristol with Visit Bristol and many many more events.

While balancing work life, LOSC and all the exciting beer blogging related activities I decided to make the big leap in career and I was giving an opportunity to turn passion into profession when I joined West Berkshire Brewery as their London Account Manager. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and friend in Ruth Mitchell, who over the 14 months working for WBB passed her amazing knowledge and experience of working within the beer industry on to me. During my time there I was lucky enough to be able to take my Beer Academy Beginners and Advanced courses on the way to becoming a beer Sommelier, and to also get my ABCQ Cellar Training qualifications. I’m thankful for the opportunities given to me at my time at West Berkshire Brewery, but in October 2018 I saw a advertised position that I had to pursue.

Most my family come from East London, mainly Wathemstow and Leyton area, and of course I am in E10 most weekends watching Orient. In 2011, during the first waves of new brewers changing the beer scene within the UK, East London Brewing Co started brewing beer in Leyton. We often ordered ELB beers in at LOSC and you could always trust them for consistently high quality cask beer. I am proud to say, in what feels like a “coming home” move, that I am now the Sales and Marketing Manager at East London Brewing Co. I’m excited to continue to share my story with you all…


Please see my disclaimers, samples and content page.

All opinions wrote on this blog are of my own and not East London Brewing Co or the Leyton Orient Supporters Club.

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