Elusive Brewing Tap Takeover & Meet the Brewer at the Leyton Orient Supporters Club

I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who came by Friday night to the Leyton Orient Supporters Club for our evening of Elusive Brewing beers. Also, a huge thank you to all the staff that worked hard that night and all the prep work in setting the night up, allowing me to take the easy job of manning the Key-Keg station (while be able to chat to people throughout the night), without their voluntary help no one would have had beer in their pints.

It was a crazy night! It was the busiest we have ever seen at LOSC for a brewery tap takeover, at points it was pushing match day numbers. It was great to see so many regular faces but even more pleasing to see lots of new faces making their first visit to our bar. I think it is a testament to how popular Elusive Brewing and their beers are. Never had there been that amount of Elusive Brewing cask beer available in one place and people turned up in numbers to enjoy them. It was record speed that the beers disappeared in too, the first cask to be drank up was Coswort Milk Stout, which seemed to only last an hour or so! In total we did 11 casks of Elusive Brewing beers, 2 30L Key-Kegs, luckily we found a spare cask of beer out back to put on making 12 casks in total and cleared most the fridge of bottled and canned beers. The Elusive Brewing beers was pretty much all gone by half 9… That’s roughly 750-800 pints in 5 hours!

Like most beer geek friendships I first spoke to Elusive Brewings top dog Andy Parker via Twitter, then I first met him in person at the London Craft Beer Festival a couple years back. Andy won the 2014 National Homebrewer Championship and I have been lucky enough to try some of his original home brew beers, I loved them. So, when the news spread that Elusive Brewing was going full time I was straight away messaging Andy with something along the lines of “when you have 8 beers ready we will put a night on at LOSC”, that was last summer and it was well worth the wait! I had watched Andy go from home brewer and beer blogger to professional brewer winning awards at CAMRA festivals. It has been great to watch him grow and go from strength to strength.


The “we are going to run out of beer by 10pm” look!!!

Because of this back story, last Friday evening was really special to me and I wanted it to do well, I hoped it would be busy but I never thought it would be as busy as it was at its peak. The photos taken wasn’t even at the busiest, as my hands were occupied pouring pints of beer from the Key-Kegs. It seems fitting that this Sunday evening, after my energy has returned from a long day and night at LOSC Friday, I sit down to reflect and say thank you as I opened up a bottle of 2014 Cantillon Iris, which just so happened to be a gift from Andy from his first visit to LOSC for my 30th birthday. The beer is incredible, already going through two years aging in oak barrels and then a further 3 years on top of that aging in the bottle has made this, peachy amber, beautifully tart, super dry incredible part of Brussels history in a glass, a joy to drink. Cheers for the present Andy.

So again, a huge thank you to all the staff who worked hard to make the evening such a success, huge thanks to Elusive Brewing for making great beers and most importantly huge thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the evening. I hope you had as good a time as I did and that we see you again for our next night on Thursday 13th April (Easter Thursday) for our selection of beers brewed in Bristol.


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