Beer O’Clock Shows Steve’s Hometown Tour of Witham

As I got out of the shower yesterday morning I noticed I had a notification on my phone saying that my mate Steve (formerly of the Beer O’Clock Show & current co-host of Hopinions Podcast) was live on twitter. I tuned in. Steve was telling viewers of his plans for the day, he was going to go around all the pubs of his home town and see what was going on. Regardless of the rep or if he knew there was no beer worth hunting down. I thought this was a great idea, I am lucky enough to have a fair few decent pubs where I live but I usually only stick to the same two, seeing Steve do this I think after the new year we should have an adventure in Chelmsford too. In fact, I really think Steve could be on to something here and I would love to see other bloggers joining in over the new year, not only is it a bit of fun but also it is good for local pubs.

So my Beer Blogging Advent today is Steve’s journey (because I think more people should see this great idea!), with a few added comments from myself. Enjoy.


I have found Marstons pubs to be hit and miss, shame there wasn’t more beer on offer. There was one I stayed in before (I can’t remember where it was for a wedding) that was excellent, the pub looked great, served great food and had about 6 real ales on, shame this one doesn’t.


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Honestly didn’t know there was a Spoons in Witham! Really interesting looking building from the outside, sometimes Spoons can really reinvent interesting places. Surprised Steve didn’t go full Resin mode here though!wp-1482080660147.jpg

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What a lovely photo of a lovely looking pub! Shame there is only two cask lines though!wp-1482080673310.jpg

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All kinds of bad by the looks of things here! Really does my head in that pubs rarely do football and good beer together well.wp-1482080687162.jpg

This pub looks like it is in need of a good hug!


This pub sounds like a nice spot to visit. Having never had any beers from Witham Brewery before I would be interested in popping by too, the interior sounds interesting shame there was no photo…


It is here that I start to duff my hat to Steve in his quest, I would have struggled to part with my pennies for those beers.


This is one of the most interesting visits of Steve day for me, I have spent my fair share of time in some rough estate pubs, but never have I had 4 cask pumps to pick from. Oscar Wilde is a beer we have on almost every game for locals demand at LOSC, so I know it well. The fact a local beer is on the bar at an Estate pub is also a good thing.


There has always got to be a “The Railway” in every town!


Non beery place = warm welcome… Maybe we have been drinking the wrong poison all these years!


HAHA! Clearly Brewdog need to up their antics as not everyone has heard of them!


As with “The Railway” there always has to be a “The Red Lion” in every town! It has been a long time since I have had Deuchars IPA but I guess it is a step up from GKIPA.


Would be interested to see what the other beers on offer was if Steve went with a Olde Tripe… Surprised after an entire day on the beer he didn’t take advantage of The White Hart also being a hotel!

Disclaimer – I asked Steve if it was ok to steal all this from him to use for my blog post today, because he a propa chap he was cool with it!

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