11th December Beer Blogging Advent – Tom, Ben & I

dsc_0206From right to left is my friends Thomas Marshall, Ben Ott and myself. This photo was taken on the day of 40FT Brewery’s 1st birthday party. 40FT have been a big part of my 2016, they have been smashing great event after great event all year long, many I regrettably couldn’t make. From their first birthday party to Dalston Beer Day to the evening we released Sorachi Screwface, Ben and my collaboration brew. Ben is one of the best guys I have met through beer, always willing to pass on some of his vast knowledge and you are always about 30 seconds away from having a joke and a laugh. Not only does he have excellent brewing knowledge but his lifetime affair with music. Street art and football are other things that have made hanging out with him this past year a pure joy.

The same can be said for Thomas, beer geek and Untappd super mod! I first met Tom through the SX Bottleshare and over the past year we have had many a beer together. With a Facebook friends list that would make any beer geek jealous, Tom is always around to introduce different people from around the beer world.

Although the angle the photo has been taken does enhance our manly beer belly physique, it is a photo that puts a smile instantly on my face.

The 40FT Birthday party was a top day, the beer was constantly flowing, games being played in the courtyard and music bouncing around the shipping container. If you haven’t popped down to the brewery inside a shipping container then I suggest you make the trip down to Dalston in 2017 or for their Jamaican Christmas Party (click here for Facebook event).

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