Beer Blogging Advent


My mate Sharona blogs every day for the month of November for #MyBloWriMo, I think this is great and I love reading the daily posts (you can read her blog here). I thought about doing it this November but with the time I was dedicating to #BadgeQuest2016 I knew it would be impossible, actually doing it with no other responsibilities it still seems impossible to do! So, a few tweets exchanged between Sharona and I somehow led to me saying I would do a Beer Blogging Advent this December. In true Christmas spirit, I shall Β (try to) post a different blog each day all the way up to Christmas day.

Some posts will be full normal blog posts, some are blog posts I have been sitting on for far too long, some will be a photo with a few words and I should imagine there will be a beer review or two.

Let’s see if I can make it past the 4th December!

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