Truman’s After Hours White IPA

Truman’s is in my blood. At one point almost half my family were working for the original Truman Brewery. The more I learn about this though the more I’m not so sure Truman’s were proud my family worked for them! Stories of dodgy going ons and a few five-finger empties pick ups!! Luckily my families previous wrong doings hasn’t affected my relationship with the new Truman’s of today.

Two words that always spring to mind when I talk about Truman’s beers are consistency and balance. Their core beers are always on good form no matter where I seem to drink them, their March-April special Budburst was super juicy on cask when I had it the other week and Gunboat Smith Black IPA was up there in my top 5 cask beers of last year. Personally I think their beers appeal to both traditional and newer drinkers but maybe don’t always push the boundaries or be overly experimental with their new beers. That has changed, I was invited down to The Birdcage to try their new experimental project, After Hours and their first beer under this project, White IPA.


It was the first time I had visited The Birdcage, which is part of the Draft House collection of venues. It has a classic community pub feel and look (it was once a Truman Brewery owned pub as you can see from the classic Truman’s sign sitting above the entrance), but with a craft beer touch up. The selection of beers was good, both cask and keg including Cloudwater, Siren, Lagunitas Brewing Co and of course Truman’s.


Under the After Hours Series Truman’s are experimenting with different styles of beer which will appeal to a crowd who like to mix up their different beers. It’s a real company project which includes all of the company staff coming together and creating a new beer.


The 5% White IPA is like a love child of an American IPA and a German Weissbier. It was so incredibly easy drinking. Brewed with 40% Wheat / 60% Barley, Halltertau Blanc, Mandarina Bavaria, Summit, Amarillo and Columbus hops. It had that smooth IPA flow with a typical German clove and banana wheat beer flavour finish, making it a very refreshing beer. It was well-balanced and all came together well and even had that slight tongue tingling feeling from the bitterness.


There’s going to be more releases over the up and coming months and I’m excited to see what Truman’s brew. I was also lucky to get a sneak preview taste of the new Truman’s lager which is set to be released soon, it was smooth, slightly sweet biscuity middle with a dry clean finish and I think it’s going to be a real hit. Keep your eyes open for it!

I was invited down to The Birdcage and had a couple of free After hours White IPA, I also bought some too, however I don’t think this effected my opinion on the beer

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