Weekly Word Up January Week 4

Weekly Word Up

Total Ales : Beavertown’s Logan Plant on Beer, Business & Throwing the Biggest Party of the Year by Matthew Curtis – www.totalales.co.uk

Two back to back blog posts from Matthew Curtis for this edition of Weekly Word Up and before I am accused of any bum kissing please read the two articles as I think you too will agree with me. We are not even a full month into the new year and Matt has produced two outstanding posts, if this is a preview of things to come then 2016 will be a big year for Mr Curtis. Not to mention the main photo is possible the coolest fucking beer photo ever!!!

I am pretty excited for the Beavertown Birthday Bash (if I can fit in.. Going to be a busy one) and this wets the appetite even more. Anyone who has met Logan will know how passionate he is and Matt has done a great job injecting that same passion into this written interview. The layout and presentation of Matt’s blog posts are looking great too.

Good Beer Hunting : Humulone for the Soul — Cloudwater Brew Co. in Manchester, UK by Matthew Curtis www.goobeerhunting.com

Second installment of Matthew Curtis this Weekly Word Up… Cloudwater Brew Co smashed on the beer scene last year and scooped up a lot of Golden Pint awards, although I hold my hands up and admit I seem to be an odd one out as a lot of their beers passed me by this year. I didn’t get to try the DIPA (FML!) and I just haven’t seemed to come across many of their bottles on my travels. I hope to visit Manchester this year and a trip to Cloudwater sits top of that to-do list.

Get Beer. Drink Beer : Beer In Essex – Beer Brothers Saffron Brewery by Jason Mason www.masonjust.blogspot.co.uk

I believe that 2016 will be the year of the counties. As more and more people get into new and exciting beers from the big cities I feel they will then want to search further afield and closer to home. Justin is one step ahead and has been showcasing our home county of Essex for a while now. The latest blog post looks at a Saffron Brewery from a part of Essex I don’t know to well. I’ve been told of a few exciting things that are up and coming with Saffron Brewery and I look forward to reporting on them soon. But for now enjoy this introduction to one of the many fine Essex breweries, unless of course if you can make their beer tasting tonight (Friday 22nd Jan) which you could then let the beers do the talking.

Beer is the Answer : Beer OClock Show Crimbo Crawl 2015 – Leeds by Martin Oates www.blogno1mjpo007.blogspot.co.uk

I am gutted… I was gutted before the event… I was gutted during the event… And I am still gutted now! I am gutted I was unable to join the festivities of the Beer O’Clock show Leeds Crimbo Crawl. Luckily though Martin has done a great job of telling the weekends story! Which makes me even more gutted…

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