Signature Brew Tap Takeover & Meet the Brewer at the Leyton Orient Supporters Club


Friday February 12th you are welcome to come say hello and join me for a few pints of Signature Brew beer. In an all Leyton collaboration evening the Leyton Orient Supporters Club will be pouring pints of Signature Brew while we have the opportunity to meet the guys behind the music driven brewery. Doors open at 5pm, it is free entry to everyone, there will be the usual snacks available and all pints of Signature Brew are £3.20.

Signature Pale 4.1% – American Pale Ale

Signature Pale is the flagship beer, pale ales have always worked well with music in every sense, at a gig, in the studio, or chilling out with your favourite album. This beer combines a finely tuned of American hop profile on top of a light malt base, with a refreshing finish. Brewed using Cascade, Perle and Magnum hops. Signature Pale is a golden beer using pale malts with a little wheat. The American hops give the beer its fruity character.

Session 4% – New Zealand Hopped Bitter

Session is Signature Brew’s homage to the humble session musician, slaving away for much less credit than their skill deserves. Brewed to stand the test of time, a solid 4/4 studio band playing perfectly on the beat that will impress you without you even noticing. Brewed using Pacifica hops, Session is a refreshing bitter with spicy hop on the nose and palate balanced by a malty sweetness and a lingering bitterness.

Red Wedge 4.7% – Red Ale

Named after the UK political and music movement of the 1980’s, Red Wedge is a fundamentally defiant red ale, using Summit, Cascade, Cluster and Magnum this is a proper taste experience. Much like Billy Bragg and Paul Weller set out to do in 1985 in rallying people to a cause, Red Wedge is a call to arms for this under subscribed style of beer. This beer brings a serious hop character to its enigmatic red ale base. Red Wedge is a Amber-Red beer with floral bitter notes and a dry finish.

Studio Lager 5.2% – Vienna Lager

Studio Lager is an unrefined, uncompromising Vienna Style lager. Like the best bands, no one is hiding here, Saaz hops and Vienna malt perform side by side in perfect harmony to create a beguiling beer. This is a cask exclusive and tonight is the first time this beer has been on cask. Why not try our bottles of Studio also to compare the difference on cask.

Dry Hopped Studio Lager 5.2% – Dry Hopped Vienna Lager

Dry hopped with Cascade Hops this dry hopped version of Studio Lager is an exclusive and one off experimental beer for tonight’s tap take over.

Roadie – All Night IPA 4.3% – Session IPA 

A beer inspired by all those people who make live music possible. from the lighting engineer, to the doorman, to the tireless road crew. Behind every good show, there’s a team of Roadies, and behind every team of Roadies, there’s beer. Super crisp, light and refreshing, and plenty of Columbus & Cascade hops. Roadie is the second cask exclusive of the night. We also have cans of Roadie for you to compare against the cask version. The cans have an aroma of fresh pine forest, the taste of mango and a bitter finish which all together creates a incredibly juicy beer.

Backstage IPA 5.6% – India Pale Ale

Backstages across the land are a barren wasteland for quality beer, artists are rewarded for their creative efforts with a warm can of something bland. They should however be a place of celebration and accomplishment, a job well done rewarded with the best that can be offered, in that spirit we made this beer.  A combination of American hops and European malt here give the right blend between refreshment and complexity. After you’ve exited stage left, from whatever it is you may do, you deserve a solid hop hit of Backstage IPA. Brewed using Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade hops Backstage IPA is an amber unfined IPA with fruity hops and a lingering dry finish bitterness.

“This is my favourite beer to brew. At Signature Brew we all love flavourful and powerful IPAs from both sides of the Atlantic. Backstage IPA sits alongside our pale and lager at the core of our range, I’ve brewed it at 5.6% because as much as I love sitting enjoying one bottle of high strength IPA, we want people to be able to sit a drink three over the course of a night whilst still enjoying the great tastes from this style.”
Tom Bott, Head Brewer

Black Vinyl Stout 4.2% – Traditional Dry Stout

Taking the concept that music sounds better on vinyl, we believe that some beer styles are also best kept traditional. Letting the subtleties of this beer do the talking on top of a solid base. Brewed using Columbus and Willamette hops Black Vinyl Stout has rich roasted cocoa and chocolate notes predominate on the palate balanced by some sweetness.

All pints are £3.20 – Cans of Roadie and Bottles of Studio Lager are £3

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