101 Beer Days Out with Tim Hampson at Blackwell’s Oxford


This Friday Tim Hampson will be at the famous Blackwell’s book store in Oxford to introduce people to the second edition of his 101 Beer Days Out. My sister is running the event and as well as Tim talking everyone through his new book there will also be local beers on hand to try.

I have the first edition of 101 Beer Days Out and it sits lovingly on my book shelf. It’s a superb book about days out around the UK where you can incorporate the best beer stop offs. I would imagine it would be perfect for families looking at places where Mum and Dad can enjoy their day out while keeping the kids entertained. All the information you need including travel routes, prices and best places to stop over are included in this easy reading informative guide.


Tickets are £5, which you will have to pre book by calling 01865 333623 or by popping by the bookstore customer service desk in the Norrington Room. The tickets also include beer samples from local breweries to enjoy while listening to Tim. There will also be a special discount on the books for the evening and of course I’m sure Tim would be happy to sign your copy at the end.


Unfortunately I won’t be able to support my sisters event but I am really looking forward to the new edition of the book. So if you’re local to Oxford you should pop down and enjoy an evening listening to some of Tim’s top beery days out.


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