Weekly Word Up September week 3

Weekly Word Up

This weeks world wide web write ups that I have enjoyed…

Beersay : #bigbeerynight by Phil Hardy – www.beersay.wordpress.com 

Beersay was one of the first beer blogs I started reading, along with Beer Beauty I would say Phil’s writing is where I got my inspiration to start blogging myself. A conversation about raising money for charity between Phil and my fellow SX Bottleshare companion Steve (beer o’clock show) led to #bigbeerynight being born. All the info can be found on this link, and also from this wonderful blog post from Justin Mason. If you wish to donate then please visit the just giving page and if there is anything you can do to help out then please contact Phil or Steve.

Globalpost.com : Ukraine Craft Beer by Dan Peleschuk – www.globalpost.com  

This post from Dan Peleschuk for globalpost.com caught my eye this week. Talking about a new craft beer scene being born in Ukraine, Dan briefly explores the new Ukraine beer scene. I love hearing about new scenes rising up but the talk about the prices they have to pay for license rules is complete B.S!

Brew Geekery : Class and Beer by Peter Joseph McKerry – www.brewgeekery.com

I know my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to my blog, writing about the politics of beer or my opinions on the big boys taking over craft brewers can be done much better by other writers. Peter is one of those writers. Over the last year Peter has been blogging I have enjoyed his insight on things happening and being said in the Beer World, in fact I think at the moment he is my favourite in this style of blogging. His latest post is a great example of his writing strengths, a response to other blog posts on the lesser spoken about subject of social class and beers place within.

Birraire.com : Barcelona Beer – Locals Choice 2014 by Joan Villar-i-Martí – www.birraire.com 

This was posted a while back but I went over it again this week and enjoyed it just as much a second time round. I met Joan at the Barcelona beer festival, he was busy rushing around helping organise the brilliant event. I often check his blog as it’s a great insight to the Spanish craft beer scene. The idea behind this blog post s great, especially for someone travelling to Barcelona for the first time and researching where and what to drink. For this post Joan asked local beer scene faces to pick their favourite beer that is easily found within Barcelona. I would love to see other bloggers from different parts of the world follow this format and make their own version.

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