Weekly Word Up – September Week 2

Weekly Word Up

I love writing about beer, sharing my beer travel stories so that other people can also experience those places and tastes is my main reason for writing on this blog. However, I also love reading other peoples views and thoughts on beer, I have a collection of blogs that I regularly check for new articles. There are many different apps out there for reading your favourite blog posts but I use Pocket, which I recommend for anyone who who wants to save blog posts for a later date to read offline. As a new part of my blog I am going to start sharing some of my favourite posts that I stumble across over the week, starting with this one…

Beer In Essex : Four Coggeshall Pubs by Justin Mason – www.masonjust.blogspot.co.uk

My fellow Essex drinking companion Justin is flying the flag high for my homeland. At times I think I don’t do enough for my local Essex beer scene, but I know that it’s in the safe hands of Justin. Essex has so much to offer but I find that the breweries maybe sometimes don’t shout about their beers enough. Thankfully Justin is making sure we hear about them and his latest look at a part of Essex made the top of my reading list. Coggeshall is a part of Essex that I’ve never spent time in but Justin has painted a great picture of their pubs and has made that Essex fire burn again inside me and hopefully soon we can tag team up and put our minds together to help Essex beer get the recognition it deserves.

EBBC15 Recap via The Tale Of The Ale by Reuben Gray – www.beerbloggersconference.org & www.taleofale.com 

Hands up who was mega jealous of all the tweets, blogs, updates and instagram photos over the European Beer Bloggers Conference weekend?

*Hand firmly up*

My thumb was hurting by the end of the weekend as I was constantly refreshing different social media feeds, lapping up all the info I could read from the weekend. This post by Rueben Grey is a perfect round up of the weekend, it puts the entire weekends photos and tweets into an easy to read timeline. It has also linked me to Reubens blog “The Tale Of Ale” which has been saved in my favourites and should be in yours too.

Here at the end of all things by Emma – www.cremasbeerodyssey.blogspot.co.uk

As most will know The Kernel has put an end to drinking their beer at the brewery on a Saturday. It’s a beer geek confession of mine that I never got to make it over to The Kernel. I wish I could have sampled their beers fresh from the brewery but my Saturday mornings are mainly spent at Leyton Orient Supporters Club pre match, so it wasn’t to be. It’s a shame it’s had to come to this and I regret never being able to go, however I completely understand why they had to come to this hard decision. I’ve read a lot of different articles about this, some I agree with and some just outright moaning, which is ridiculous. I 100% agree with every word Emma has wrote about this subject and it’s for me it’s the best summery of events. When one door closes usually another door will open and in this case I’ll be surprised if another big sparkly successful door won’t open for The Kernel in the near future.

On Beer Writing, Objectivity and ‘Protecting Beer’ by Matt Curtis – www.totalales.co.uk

Second blog post around the EBBC but unlike my previous read the importance to me isn’t the event itself but something that was said. This post from Matt Curtis sparks food for thought. Am I critical enough with my blog posts? I tend to follow a rule of that if I don’t like it, I won’t talk about it. But maybe that’s not the correct view on blogging? I feel that this not only a great blog post exploring words that were spoken at EBBC but it is an important piece of beer writing that Matt has produced, focusing on us writers rather than beer itself. There is no right or wrong way to blog but all bloggers should read this, see what Matt has taken from the EBBC and take a moment to digest it, maybe even apply it to their own writing.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Word Up – September Week 2

    1. I’ve not claimed it is a first of its kind?! I’ve started it as I want to share what I have enjoyed reading with others and also keep me writing more. I’ve been really busy as of late and not been able to update the blog as much as I would like, so I’ve started this to ease me back into writing more.

      Thanks for reading.

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