10 Top Tips for Bruges Beer Festival

Here are 10 tips to help enjoy the Bruges Beer Festival…


1. Get here as early as possible, doing so means you can walk about much easier and see where you want to go and try before its so busy you cannot move around!

2. I personally think that going in with a list of beers you are determined to try and a plan to get them takes all the fun out of it, as you’ll find difficulties moving around to find them. Go in and window shop buying where you wish, it makes it a far less stressful experience!


3. Talk to the brewers! Some may have their sales talk down to such perfection that they repeat like a robot but most are there to chat and love bigging their beers up! Even the larger breweries are friendly, knowledgeable and eager to talk to you!


4. If you’re wearing a La Chouffe hat/pink elephant on your head/witch hat it is only polite to say hello/give a high 5 to other people wearing said hats!


5. Take water! This is beer festival 101 to be honest!

6. Take a bag with you. I saw some redicoulsy cheap bottles of beer that the stands were selling! 750ml bottles of Viven Porter… €3!!! Thats two pound!!!!! Big bottles of Lupulus were €5, easily half the price the shops are selling it at. I found all the t shirts and merchandise was around a third cheaper than the shops in Bruges also!


7. Don’t forget there’s a coat room… Take advantage of it, even though it’s cold outside its mega warm with all those people inside the building! While you are here you can also buy a pee pee token card and save yourself a bit of cash on each toilet break!


8. The Flemish word for “with” is met! The Flemish word for meat is “vlees”… Although it made me chuckle a bit on the inside seeing angry American and English beer drinkers complaining that they were paying four euros more than what the sign said I did feel sorry for the people working there! So for next time “friet met saus” means chips with sauce, mostly likely mayo as we are in Belgium but sauces like bbq, chilli, ketchup etc etc and “frites met vless” is chips with a mystery meat in gravy on top of them!!!


9. Eat some food to soak up that beer. Free bread everywhere

10. That 10.5% beer maybe very tasty but try not to knock them back too quick too soon!


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