Whitstable Brewery Ale Night at Leyton Orient Supporters Club


After the very successful Dark Star Brewing Co night we had recently we are now busy preparing for the next ale night on at LOSC, on Thursday 2nd April we have another fantastic Brewery night on at Leyton Orient Supporters Club. This time we will see the beers from Whitstable Brewery taking over the beer pumps of our bar. Whitstable Brewery are based in Maidstone, Kent.

When a Kentish mirobrewery folded in 2003 Whitstable Oyster Company stepped in and took over the brewing site. They hired Rafik Abidi who was a Heriot-Watt trained brewer and had lots of British brewing experience, he moved straight into Whitstable’s new brewery and started making great beers from the beginning.

Over ten years later Whitstable now has a much bigger prouction line and range of beers. They used to only have one beer that was shipped out to five outlets, they now have over twelve beers which can be found in hundruds of outlets!

Their brewing style ranges from popular style beers such as their East India Pale Ale and Native Bitter to some of their more experimental beers such as their Renaissance Ruby Mild and their popular Oyster Stout. Whitstable also produces a single hop range, this range takes a closer look at the variety of different hops and lets the drinker understand and identify with each different hop and its own unique character. Whitstable are not afraid to delve into some more unusal beers such as a wheat beer that is brewed with hundreds of kilos of raspberries and also a black lager which throws together the crispness of a Czech Pilsner with the rich roastedness of a stout!

Whitstable Brewery have a long list of awards to their beers so it promises to be a good night at the Supporters Club.

If you was given a 50p first pint voucher then don’t forget to bring those along with you. The doors open usual time of 5pm. We hope to see you all there.

The beers that will be available on the evening are…

Native Bitter 3.7%

A classic copper-coloured Kentish Session Bitter which perfectly captures the ruggedness of a Whitstable Native. Satisfying malt flavours complement the aromas of the county’s most famous hops – the Fuggle and the East Kent Golding. This beer is the 2013 SIBA bronze standard bitters national champion, 2012 SIBA gold standard bitters regional winner and 2012 silver overall champion of the competition regional winner.

Renaissance Ruby Mild 3.8%

Deep red in colour, this classic Mild has a nutty taste with a gentle roast malt aroma.

East India Pale Ale 4.1%

Whitstable Brewery’s East India Pale Ale’s vibrant yet well-balanced hop flavours leave the palate with an assertive finish. A painstakingly chosen blend of aromatic hops complements the best British pale malt to give both its citrus floral aroma and glorious golden hue. EIPA is 2011 SIBA gold best bitters (4.1%-4.5%) regional winner and 2014 bronze best bitters regional winner.

Pearl of Kent 4.5%

A gorgeous, easy-drinking Golden Ale where tropical fruit flavours come to the fore ahead of a subtle yet rewarding bitterness.

Whitstable Brewery East Kent Goldings Single Hop Ale

East Kent Goldings Single Hop 4.4%

East Kent Goldings is part of the Single Hop Ale selection from Whitstable Brewery, a selection of beers that all use a subtle and balanced 4.4% Golden Ale as a base beer then uses masses of the same single hop variety so that the beer showcases the characteristics and flavours of the chosen hop. These quintessentially English hops are England’s most famous and by law can only be grown in East Kent. Since 1790 they have been delivering their characteristic notes of spices, sweet citrus and a wonderful floral aroma to the grateful drinkers of the world. Whitstable Brewery added more hops to this beer than ever before to make sure this Golden Ale is full-flavoured, smooth and utterly drinkable!

Centennial Single Hop 4.4%

This beer is also part of the single hop ales selection. The Centennial hop is one of brewing’s big beasts! It’s a Pacific Coast monster which gives lip-tingling flavours of grapefruit, citrus and a floral top note. When added to a golden ale base, those flavours and its bitterness create a supremely refreshing pint.

Winkle Picker 4.5%

A beautifully balanced amber Best Bitter; Winkle Picker’s maltiness offset by a firm but not overpowering bitterness and a delightful hint of orange delivers everything one could desire from a classic British Bitter.

Oyster Stout 4.5%

A classic Stout with deep chocolate and mocha flavours; this rich, velvety and wonderfully drinkable beer is the perfect accompaniment to roast beef, oysters and game (as well as one of John’s famous sandwiches!). This beer’s long and glorious heritage dates back to the 18th Century when a glass of Stout and a plate of Whitstable Oysters became the pairing of choice for millions of thirsty Britons!

Kentish Reserve 5%

A Premium Bitter the colour of burnished copper. Crystal malt and a Goldings-led hop blend bring into being flavours of peaches and plums, ending on a note of rich ruby port. Kentish Reserve is 2014 SIBA bronze bottled bitters 5% & over regional winner.

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