#12beersofxmas Day 4 – Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

I seemed to have missed the #12beersofxmas IPA day yesterday!!! There was lots of IPAs popping up on my twitter feed so maybe I am a little late with my one! American Rogue brewery is a top brewery although I have only had a very small handful of their beers I never seem to be disappointed. It was great news this year when Wetherspoons added a bottle of Rogue to their new craft menu.


Already familiar with a Christmas beer called Yellow Snow (Mighty Oak Brewing Co) this bottle of Yellow Snow IPA caught my eye in Ales by Mail the other week. It pours a slightly hazy marmalade orange and has a nice head on it. Now, the smell for me wasn’t good… It reminded me of wet dog hair… Or maybe even yellow snow itself (maybe this was meant to be) but fear not as in one of the biggest contrasts ever the taste was lovely! A lovely lip puckering yeasty bitter feel.

Rogue Yellow Snow is a good Christmas IPA for those who might usually drink lager, I think this would please them taste wise and the name would no doubt raise a smile.

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