Nuetnigenough, Brussels Belgium


I could make this the shortest blog post I have ever wrote…. “this meal is one of the best meals I have ever had”…. I could leave it there however my meal in Nuetnigenough really does need to be explained!


A short five minute walk from Grand Place is Nuetnigenough, a small long narrow restaurant with tables running down each side of the room with two tables outside. There is a high wooden bar at the end where the drinks are prepared and depending on space you can wait there for a table to be free. Downstairs are the toilets and they are one of the nicest and poshest looking toilets I have seen around Brussels!


The beer menu here is special featuring some rare gems in bottle and five draught taps. When we visited there were Saison Dupont on draught and their pils but also one hell of an incredible beer from De Struise Brouwers called Black Albert weighing in at a whooping 13% but gorgeously smooth, smokey, chocolate tastes. The barman talked us through his beers and was obviously very proud of their selection.


We had a bottle of Schieve Tabarnak from Brasserie De La Senne, which wasn’t even in the brewery when we visited as the barman (who I think may have been the owner) had asked to take four of the last eight crates but then had cheekily convinced them to let him have all eight!


Schieve Tabarnak is a collaboration brew between Brasserie De La Senne and the Canadian brewery Brasserie Le Trou du Diable from Quebec, it’s a sweet rye beer with a lip smacking bitter hop finish making the beer another top beer in De La Senne’s collection!


We had already studied the menu and knew straight away what we wanted, I had opted for the saddle of rabbit in a Cantillon Gueze beer sauce and my misses had gone for the pork fillet in a Pius X beer sauce both with chips as we all know the best chips in the world are from Belgium! The previous time I had rabbit was also in Belgium in Les Brassins and was at the time one of my favourite meals, that time being in a Kriek cherry beer sauce, however Nuetnigenough has smashed that off the list and gone straight in at the best rabbit dish I have ever had, c’est parfait! The pork fillet was cooked perfectly and melted in your mouth, even the side salad was lovely (which was an added bonus as I didn’t know there would be a salad to share with the meal at all) and the homemade mayonnaise to dip our chips in was so good we had to ask for another!

DSC_1565 DSC_1564 DSC_1563

One sign of how good the food was that the two of us hardly said a word to each other as we ate, which I don’t think has ever happened! We were so engrossed by the tastes going on in our mouths!


Prices are reasonable especially for the high quality of food matched with one of the most impressive menus of beer for rarities and different beers I had seen all weekend! We were very happy we visited and a trip to Brussels will now always include a meal in Nuetnigenough!

DSC_1557  DSC_1545 DSC_1558

5 thoughts on “Nuetnigenough, Brussels Belgium

  1. If you are within an hour train ride of Brussels it is worth going just to eat at Nuetnigenough
    I have eaten (and drunk) all over the world and this one is next to the top of my list.
    Get there early and be prepared to wait. And it is worth it.
    The oak cask aged brown on tap alone was worth the trip, and the food was even better.

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