Yall a Brewhead? I’m a Brewhead!

Since the growth of social media the world really has become a small place! Online #Beerbuddies across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook post pictures, write reviews and inform me on whats the best beers and where to drink them from across the world! My first look at American beers was because of Instagram, daily streams of photos of #BeerPorn filled my phones time walls and it was here that I bumped into Phil of Brewheads and Cee.


Whilst scrolling down my Instagram feed my eye was caught by a glass and hat, usually after having a little look I scroll onto the next photo frantically double bashing my screen liking all the pictures I find interesting, however this time I am glad curiosity got the better of me and a little ‘What’s this all about’ led me onto discovering a great blog, Beer merchandise company and a new musician to add to my playlist!

Cee is a rapper who grew up in Australia then moved to Canada when he signed to the HiPNOTT record label and he has just put out an album called “this is all I know”. I am a huge Hip Hop head and back in the days of college, believe it or not, you would have found me digging through vinyls, writing rhymes and recording some tunes with my mates in college and was a familiar face in the Essex Hip Hop scene! My days of drinking beers in the vocal booth are long gone but you will find classic Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul and Funk on my headphones and I regularly still moan about the current state of pop music! So it was a pleasant surprise to see this rapper making the type of Hip Hop I like and also a full blown beer fanatic! And it gets better not only is Cee posting pictures of great beers he has also recorded a Hip Hop anthem for craft beer called Brewheads, which has pretty much been on repeat since I first heard it a few weeks back! Brewheads is a track by Cee which is dedicated to the whole craft beer movement and raps about beer throughout the verses unlike any other song I have heard. He got together with Phil of Brewheads to make the video which was premiered last week and you can see below (hopefully).

So through this pictured posted I see that Cee has an album coming out and in celebration of this he has teamed up with Brewheads to bring us a special beer glass, hat and box of beer goodies. While some of us over here in the UK may use the terms beer snobs, beer geeks etc Phil, the founder of Brewheads, has given us the collective name of Brewheads and to support this has an excellent range of Brewheads craft beer merchandise.

So after a few emails back and forth chatting about beer and our blogs between Cee and myself and Phil and myself I made a few purchases including the special Cee x Brewheads collaboration. I could have bought more on the website as the Brewheads gear is awesome especially the “she’s so crafty” girls vests which would have been a great present for the misses if they hadn’t nearly sold out due to being so popular! Here’s a look at the bits I got…

Cee x Brewheads glass
A cool glass in a design I don’t have to add to the collection. Feels good to hold and has a Cee and Brewheads design in gold on the sides. The packaging this came in was good too, never seen the protective material they used to keep the glass safe. Instead of the usual bubble wrap this was made from paper and I presume a recycle material! Great idea!


Cee x Brewheads snapback hat
This is what caught my eye first off, a black hat with gold design on front as well as gold barely and the very original designs black and white hops on the underside of the peak! Looking double fresh in this! Even suits the dog!

Hat-INFO_large IMG_20140830_092842

Hop t shirt
Like the hat design this t shirt has a hop design on the pocket and really is one of a kind and looking very original! I was told I am the first one in Europe to get these items too so def an original piece for me! The quality is really good too, it also came in a cool box!


Cee – This Is All I Know
I have given this album a few listens now and it’s a really solid album. Fans of artists like Intuition, Atmosphere, Ugly Heros, Shad or any form of non commercial hip hop will enjoy this album. The strongest track is the utter banger “Brewheads” but also other tracks such as “don’t mind me” featuring Ras Kass and “times of our lives” are strong tracks too. After Brewheads though my favourite track is “no conversation” this is the type of song that makes me want to get back into music again!


So it’s funny what a simple comment can lead too! The Brewheads blog is a brilliant blog too I have added to my online library and I look forward to hearing future Cee tracks and hope the album does well! I recommend their online shop too so have a look Brewheads!





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