Euston Tap, London


I have drank in all sorts of weird, stunning, rough and unusual pubs or bars in my time but Euston Tap must be the most beutifulist odd building I have ever drank in!

You could be forgiven if you missed Euston Tap if you was walking from Euston station as from behind it is easy to mistake Euston Tap for a memorial or building at the end of a green outside the bus stop, mainly because this is actually what it is!!! The only clue into what this building is actually used for when walking up from behind is the large crowds of people drinking outside it!



Walking into the Euston Tap is much like walking into a large tomb! If I was to be mummified and laid to rest then this beer tomb would be perfect! Inside the buildings walls is a square bar leading up against the wall with 20 keg taps and 8 cask ales attached , each with all sorts of wonderful beer from around the world. The chalkboards each side of the taps above the well stocked (150 strong beer menu!)  bottle fridges informs you on what beers are on selection that day. Prices range for very good to fairly expensive but this depends on where the beer is from, of course. Although, I have paid £3.00 ish for a pint of British ale before so there is some options for those who refuse to pay ‘too much’ for a beer!



The upstairs is tiny, as is the toilet, so seating in a large group of people is pretty hard to do here but I think that adds to its charm! The place is always popular, so popular they opened up a cider tap across the road! Like two distant lovers lovingly looking into each other’s faces all day long!


Any trip to London for the beer traveller must include a trip to Euston Tap, just to say you have seen it. I guess it could be a marmite type please, you either love it or hate it but I for one is certainly on the love team!

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