I love a voucher! You love a voucher! Everyone loves a voucher!


I am a bit of a regular user on groupon I have bought all sorts from instragram photos, race dog tickets to hotels in Paris! I have heard all these horror stories from people using groupon about not getting their products etc but I have never experienced that myself.


When I went on groupon last month I noticed a ‘craft beer’ offer… Tenner for four bbottles of beer, olives (?!?), beer tasting chart and a downloadable e-book all delivered to your door! I thought that was a pretty good offer and I hadn’t heard of the beers in the group so I went for it!

Once I bought it and signed up for it I had realised that it was in fact a monthly subscription to a beer company that delivers beers to my house each month and I must admit I was a little angry as I hadn’t noticed this on the goupon when I first bought it. Like with a lot of free samples to things like this I thought it could be a pain in the arse to cancel.


So I read into it and I had realised I had signed myself up to a £24 a month rolling contract to have 8 bottles of craft beer sent to my house… I thought I might as well see the first one and see what it is like.

Well… I am extremely glad I did! The selection of beers were awesome I had only heard of one of them and it was packed brilliantly and presented nicely with a small guide to tell you all you needed to know about each beer and contact details! Which is great for me as I can review all the beers as I make my way through them!

wpid-IMG_20131108_072911.jpg wpid-IMG_20131108_072949.jpg wpid-IMG_20131108_072747.jpg

My initial feelings have completely gone as when I think about it £3 for a bottle of craft beer I haven’t heard of delivered to my door is pretty good going.

wpid-IMG_20131108_072700.jpg wpid-IMG_20131108_072615.jpg wpid-IMG_20131108_072526.jpg

So the question is… Will I continue the subscription? At the moment hell yeah!!! Before getting the first batch I was skeptical at what selection of beers I would get and it was all down to the selection whether I would continue to sign up to it or not! And after this first delivery I will be. I am interested into what other beers will follow as their website features pictures of Beavertown and Kernel which would be fantastic to have!

wpid-IMG_20131108_072454.jpg wpid-IMG_20131108_072335.jpg

Over the next week’s I will be talking about each beer received and who knows maybe there will be more deliveries making their way out to thirsty beer monsters like myself! Long may it continue!

7 thoughts on “Beer52

  1. How long did your delivery take?! I’m still waiting on mine and haven’t heard back yet from beer52 despite emails and vmails !

    1. They usually get back to me fairly quick! Have you tried their Twitter too?

      They send at certain times in the month to everyone in one go… I’m not sure what the date is I think it’s every 28 day’s?

  2. I have tried emailing too but no reply… but I have seen that the next payment is 28th of this month so I am guessing you would be getting your first order when they are all sent out?

    Hopefully everything gets sorted soon for you 🙂

  3. Didn’t see the subscription bit either, just came home to a massive box of beers I don’t want paid with money I don’t have! They sure as hell won’t go to waste but I’m struggling to cancel my subscription!

    1. To be honest at the moment I am happy with the orders. If they standard of beer stays the same then for now I am happy 🙂

      but yeah I didn’t realise it was subscription when I first signed up!

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