Belgian Beer factory


A few months ago I stumbled upon while at work, when I was looking for a certain beer glass for someone’s Christmas present. I usually always keep an eye out for new beer delivery websites but this slipped under the radar, so I flicked through most their website (while on my lunch break of course!) and instantly noticed how reasonably priced it all was. The pound to Euro has slowly started to get better over the last few weeks too which helps too. Before I knew it I was putting loads of beers in my online basket!


Whenever I order online I always think you might as well get your post and package worth so I waited for pay day and ordered a big delivery for family and I over christmas. The pnp was 10 euros so around 8 quid which is really good value as its coming all the way from over seas.


The selection is awesome too and with an easy to search and use layout (they also have a really good mobile version for phones too as I have just seen). I found myself searching all these beers I hadn’t tried before some fairly well known as well, some I hadn’t even heard of! Before I knew it I had reached the limit I had agreed in my head before ordering (although there were lots more that I wanted!)

A little after I ordered I had contact from the Belgian beer factory saying I had an impressive order and that I knew my beers which was a nice compliment. There were two bottles currently out of stock, so the order took just over a week and a half longer but I didn’t mind that as I would rather wait for the beers to be stocked again then to send the delivery without them.


The night I knew I had the delivery I pretty much skipped home and once I arrived I was greeted by this huge box! I have to admit I was worried it wouldn’t all make it in one piece but when I started to unpack it I realised how much time and effort had gone into making sure my delivery made it to me safe and sound. Each bottled was wrapped in individual bubble wrap and cardboard. There were no way my bottles weren’t making it in one piece and they did all make it to me in perfect condition.


There is no question of a doubt that I will be using them again in the future (think I might have to treat myself to a few birthday presents just before April!) I am looking forward to trying all the beers I bought and reviewing them on here… Till then cheers to Belgian beer factory.


*EDIT* I dont think I will be able to wait till April as they have updated their website with lots of Christmas beers that I think I will have to buy!