Svyturys – Baltas white Hefeweizen Unfiltered Wheat Beer

The next installment from my random beer buys from Eastern Europe that started here …


Like my previous review of Svyturys beer this is from Lithuania and is part of their traditional collection. After viewing their website I can see a photo of Juliet who seems to run their blog, a photo I recognise from the Weatherspoons beer festival booklet … I think she came over to brew a beer for the festival??? (Can anyone back this up for me? if so leave a comment)

The beer pours a cloudy pale yellow with a large white foamy head. The first tastes is that it is super sweet… but after a while either I get used to it or it dies down a little but either way it is maybe a little too over powering. There are big flavours here, not your usual Wheat beer tastes either, I am getting banana and a sort of bubble gum like sweetness. As the drink went on I enjoyed it a little more but compared to some other wheat beers I have had recently this one really doesn’t match their high standards. It may appeal to others more than me but the over powering sweet taste put me off a little to start with and as I mentioned I grew to enjoy it more as it went on, but don’t get me wrong I have had a lot worse than this.

DSC_3003 DSC_3002

When doing these reviews I wanted to be honest as it is an experiment to just randomly buy some beers I had never seen before but I do not want to come across as being a bit harsh about this beer as my usual rule is if I don’t like I just wont blog about it I am not one to come online and just hate on something. I am sure other taste buds then my own would enjoy it. Maybe I just got my expectations a bit too high before cracking this open…

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