Farmers Ales – Puck’s Folly


My girlfriend first bought this beer on our first trip to The Essex Beer Shop and we tried it over the weekend and loved it so I thought it rude not to buy another one when I returned to The Essex Beer Shop tonight.

Puck’s Folly was crowned Golden Ale of East Anglia in 2009 and is brewed by Farmers Ales in their stable Brewery behind the Blue Boar hotel in Maldon Essex. It pours a nice clear golden colour with tiny carbonated bubbles raising to the top of the glass to a nice head when first poured. With hints of apple or grapefruits on the nose with a hint of spice. Its crisp clean taste is perfect for a hot summers day which unbelievably we seem to be getting at the moment, again with slight apple or grapefruit tastes with the the East Kent Golding hop reminding us as we finish the mouthful with slight hints of spice. Puck’s Folly weighs in at a 4.2% which will help for them summer day drinking sessions.

Puck’s Folly is a real session beer and I would happily knock a few of these back on a hot summers day! This beer is going to be a regular sight in my pint glass if I have my way! Although too many in the heat and you might get up to some mischief like old Puck himself!!!  So cheers to you Robin Goodfellow aka Puck…

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