Billericay Brewing – Mayflower Gold


It would be rude not to have the Mayflower Gold first out of my buys from the newly open Essex Beer Shop. Most of my teenage to adult life has been spent visiting Billericay for its pubs as it is one stop on the train for me and where I live doesn’t have much to offer in the way of drinking places at all, so when I first read about Billericay Brewing I was truly excited at the the thought of a beer from the place I grew up drinking.

Mayflower Gold is an American Pale Ale style beer using hops from both England and American, a link that stems back to Billericay when Pilgrim Fathers sailed from Billericay to America on the Mayflower  to start their new life.


I first had this beer in Chelmsford’s Ale House but both times it was in the middle of a bit of a session (which for a beer of 6.5% might not be the wisest of choices!) and other then liking it I couldn’t really remember the taste in real detail. Well firstly it pour a lovely dark golden yellow and with a nice head that disappears fairly quickly, the smell of the citrus hops continues into the taste but not too strong and over powering. It is much yeastier taste  then I remember and it leaves a nice smack on the lips. I really enjoyable drink it is the kind of drink I would like on a hot day (unfortunately it is pissing it down outside!) in a beer garden somewhere.


I can see my visits to the Essex Beer shop being a regular thing and hopefully the next step for Billericay Brewing is to set up the microbrewery and then start getting the beer into the pubs that are a few steps away from them! Fingers crossed till then!


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