Bierbrouwerij de Halve Maan – Zeeuws Bier & Zeeuwsche Witte

  DSC_2684 While walking around the lovely town of Veere I quickly walked into one of their souvenir odds and sods shops. Two little bottles caught my eye in the front window, Zuiver Zeeuws Bier and Zeeuwsche Witte from De Halve Maan brewery … ‘De Halve Maan as in Bruges Halve Maan?!’ I thought, so while standing there confused for a moment I realised it had to be a different brewery to the Bruge Zot boys. Which it is with a long history dating back to brewing beer in 1800’s by Monks. With a large arsenal of beers De Halve Maan is a completely new brewery to me and I am really glad that I picked up these bottles.

DSC_2685 DSC_2682

Zuiver Zeeuws Bier 5%…

I can’t find the beer on their website but reading a few other bits about the beer it seems that it is a special beer, the bottle art seems to be the Zeeland flag which is the Provance of Netherlands that Veere is in. A filtered ale that I enjoyed from start to finish. Different websites seem to have this down as different beers one a pilsner (which I don’t think it is) one a pale ale (maybe) and another a golden ale (most possible) As soon as I opened it the smell was really good, strong barley / herby smell with slight hops. It has a fairly sweet taste with a slightly bitter after taste and hints of caramel. I found it really more-ish I would have happily had more as it only comes in a 25cl bottle. Why oh why didn’t I buy two! This is one of the beer moments when realisticly I possibly wont be able to try it again but the boys at De Halve Maan in Hulst Netherlands I salute you! Dank je well Cheers!


Zeeuwsche Witte 5%…

The Halve Maan website describes this wheat beer as a ‘typical wheat beer’ but I have to differ that! I actually think this is a really really decent wheat beer! Really rich and creamy it feels incredible smooth and frothy on the tongue as you drink it. All those tasty wheat beer flavors of coriander and Belgian spices along with a citrus lemon tastes and aromas as well as a crispy biscuit scent. This is a beer I really wish I could get near me  as I feel to go all the way to The Netherlands to get this might not be possible for me! Their website says that it goes through a secondary fermentation as does most their beers which gives the beer its very fine foam structure. Fittingly it was their first beer brewed at their new brewery and I personally feel it is one of the better wheat beers I have had to date!

DSC_2208 DSC_2210

So for a quick visit in the shop because the bottles caught my eye I have been very lucky as both beers from the Halve Maan brewery have been really really good and I am a little bit gutted I only bought one bottle each to be honest!

De Halve Maan have a wicked website I really recommend a visit click here to have a look

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