East East East Europe part II… Svythurys – Amber Beer


As I mentioned before in my post about my little beer experiment while walking through Leyton high road on the last game of the season I popped into a few different shops to buy some random European beers that I have never tried before. I am going to review them all in time and give my honest opinion on them to see if I can find any gems that have been hiding from me week in week out in Leyton.

Svythurys 1784 Amber Beer 4.6% is the first beer I tried from my collection. Was quite hard to find anything on this beer when researching it on the internet, I could tell from the bottle and shop I bought it from that it was Lithuanian and that really was about all I knew. After a little bit of searching I have found that it is made from an old technique called krausening which was created in Bavaria over 800 years ago where you mix of a new beer and a mature beer. It is the second beer in their ‘traditional’ selection.

Unfortunately the Lithuanian lager taste doesn’t match the build up from their brewers. Pouring a pale strawy yellow colour with a thick white head 1784 although is fine and an easy pleasant beer doesn’t really get the juices flowing. Served cold it has a subtle taste with a nice crisp feel to it but unfortunately the taste disappears fairly quickly which is a shame because the initial taste is quite nice and I would have liked it to last a little longer.


Would I have this again? I wouldn’t mind to have it again… if I was to be on a stag do or a lads weekend away and this was the beer on offer then I would be more then happy to drink it. My hopes are a higher for their other beer I have bought … their wheat beer. Review to come soon…

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