Bag Lady … you gone hurt your back


Today’s little review is inspired by one of my favourite artists Erykah Badu and something I was given in Waitrose last week…

Picture the scene … you have just been down your local beer shop / supermarket / offie … you have a carrier bag full of bottled beers … then suddenly you hear a rip … uh oh … next thing you know the tears are rolling down your face into the broken glass and puddles of beer!

Well not if you have just left Waitrose as I found last week when I left the Waitrose nearest my work. I had bought 5 beers for the evening time with the misses, when paying the lady behind the till asked me if I wanted a bottle bag. I must admit I hesitated before agreeing as I am a full on tight ass and paying for a bigger bag wouldn’t be me! Then to my surprise she brought out this beast of a bag! A special 6 bottle bag! It is a genius of an idea, 6 separate containers all double bagged up with the handle in the middle! Think a flower but instead of petals you have beer bottles and instead of the middle part of the flower you have your handles!

It costs 10p which really is brilliant as it is such a cool bag! It is also recyclable and replaced for free by Waitrose!

I was actually very lucky as the lady behind the till forgot to charge me (double win!) but next time I am in Waitrose getting some bargains for lunch I will be picking another one up for sure! This isn’t a sponsored   review or anything like that just wanted to let you all know about this cool little beer nerd tool… happy shopping!


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