East! East! East Europe!


I have wanted to try this little experiment for a while and this weekend was my best chance for a long time to do it in … So let me paint the picture…


Leyton, East London… The home to football for me. Brisbane road aka the matchroom stadium home to my beloved Leyton Orient. Also the home to the beer mecca that is the Leyton Orient Supporters Club but I shall fill people in on that in another post! What I wanted to find out though was there any other hidden gems in Leyton high street, a stretch of road which has a wonderful multi cultural mix of shops, cafes and restaurants.


So after the last game of the season this weekend I started my little experiment, I popped into a couple of different shops along the high road to see what beer they was stocking and bought a couple of completely random beers that I have never seen before so I can research their background, taste them and share my thoughts!


So over the next week or two I will crack open these mystery brews and hopefully come back with good results, this really could be a big mixture of good news and bad news!


From East Europe and beyond to East London all the way back to South East Essex….

       DSC_2200 DSC_2201

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