De Proefbrouwerij _ Reinaert Grand Cru

IMG_20130412_202001 IMG_20130412_201802

Another one of my beers that I ordered from Belgique store a month or so back and also a beer I have never seen before is Reinaert Grand Cru.

Weighing in at a heavyweight of 9.5% this is a big beer! It pours a dark red toffee brown colour with a nice big head. It is made by the Pilot Brewery in Belgium who also make a triple and an amber beer. It has a strong caramel / treacle taste and feel to it with hints of roasted malt and slight spices.

A really good beer to be fair but its interest for me is in the name…

Reinaert translates to Reynard, and in this beer is named after Reynard the fox! Reynard is a highlight in Dutch medieval literature and according to my research has a WHOOPING 3469 verses!!!! I did read the Dutch translated Wikipedia page while drinking the beer and I am not sure if it is the beer kicking in or the bad translation but I am not 100% sure about the story but I think basically Reynard the fox is a bit of a rascal and the other animals don’t like him! Have a little look yourselves here …

Either way I like a rascal and I like this beer!

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