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Independent Venue Week & Signature Brew

Signature Brew, for the second year in a row, have announced their partnership with Independent Venue Week, a week dedicated to promote independent music venues across the country. Readers of … Continue reading

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Beers of the North – Leyton Orient Supporters Club 27th January

Friday 27th January the Leyton Orient Supporters Club will be having an evening featuring some excellent beers brewed by breweries from “The North”! Over the past couple years we have … Continue reading

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Goose Island Winter Ale Gravy

Outside my garden is covered in a thin layer of bright white snow and I am freezing my bits off after waiting for a delayed bus, I need some hearty, … Continue reading

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Golden Pint Awards 2016

Best UK Cask Beer I seem to be starting a pattern here, my first awards I had Five Points Railway Porter as my favourite keg beer, then last year it … Continue reading

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Chilling with Two Bottles of Solvay Society

It’s Christmas eve and I have been busy hosting some friends and family over ours for lunch, after spending most the day on my feet I have just sat down … Continue reading

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Around the World in 7 Gifts

Firstly, I must say that my friends are the bollox! If it wasn’t for them then todays Beer Blogging Advent post wouldn’t be happening. Being the beer geek that I … Continue reading

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How Did I Get Here?

I was reading through Martin Oates blog today (Beer is the Answer) and I read a post I had somehow missed before when it was posted. It was a post … Continue reading

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