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24 Hours in the Czech Republic

As soon as I took my seat in the blacked out mini bus a pint size can of Pilsner Urquell was put in my hand, it was the first of many, … Continue reading

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The Pilsner Urquell Tapster Training Program

So you want to be a tapster? You want to pour the perfect Pint? Unlike some of the bartenders of the UK, Czech tapsters are held at celebrity status, in … Continue reading

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Pilsner Urquell Czech Inspired Goulash

If there is one thing I learnt about Czech cuisine while visiting Pilsner Urquell brewery, it is that they love a lot of meat! Meat, with a side of meat … Continue reading

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Wychwood King Star Lager & Lime Chicken with Lager Rice

The beer scene was a different story when in my teenage years, the selection was a fraction of what it is today and Weatherspoons was one of your best bets … Continue reading

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Adnams Ease Up IPA Guacamole Filled Tortilla Coated Onion Rings

Sometimes you see these online cooking videos and you just know you have to give it ago. I first got the idea of a guacamole filled onion recipe from a … Continue reading

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Long Arm Brewing Co Beer Review

I had just poured my very first pint of Guinness, it was in the Guinness Factory in Dublin and instead of trying to pour the clover leaf they had shown … Continue reading

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Beavertown Brewery – Tempus Project

It is crazy to think that it was nearly three years ago that I was stood in a newly opened Billericay Brewing Co courtyard listening to Logan Plant talk to … Continue reading

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