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9th December Beer Blogging Advent – Beerd Oxford

My sister lives in Oxford and after years of never visiting she paid for me to pop down and visit for my 30th birthday present. We did all the tourist … Continue reading

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8th December Beer Blogging Advent – When the Black Friday Dust Settles

Black Friday has been and gone, people are still happy after fighting someone for their new 4k telly, the long queues outside the shops have gone and business owners are … Continue reading

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7th December BeerBloggingAdvent – Popping the Bubble

If there is one thing I hope to hear less of in 2017 it would be this phrase… “The London Beer Bubble”. I’m not having a go at the people … Continue reading

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6th December BeerBloggingAdvent – SX Bottleshare LIVE!

This blog could go two ways, on one hand it could be a great laugh following from beer to beer at tonight’s Christmas Barley Wine Special SX Bottleshare, or it … Continue reading

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5th December Beer Blogging Advent – An Evening in Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford Upon Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare, home to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, The Alehouse Micropub and the location for my friend’s wedding. The missus and I travelled up the … Continue reading

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4th December Beer Blogging Advent – East London Brewing Co Cowcatcher

East London Brewing Co is a husband and wife brewing team. Stu and Claire have been brewing up beers in Leyton East London since February 2011 when they decided to … Continue reading

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3rd December Beer Blogging Advent – Keeping up with the times

Firstly, I love this picture because, well take a look, what a beauty of a pint being poured! Secondly for what it represents, the traditional embracing the new. It was … Continue reading

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